Tea Tree Essential Oil

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100% pure uncut Tea Tree essential oil
Melaleuca Alternifolia
Steam Distillation
Tea Tree essential oil is extracted from the leaves, and should be a pale yellow liquid with a fresh medicinal aroma.  Much of the Tea Tree essential oil being sold today is produced in China, however it is being sold as therapeutic from Australia.  An easy way to determine whether you are using therapeutic grade Tea Tree essential oil from Australia is by it’s aroma.  Chinese Tea Tree essential oil has a strong camphor aroma whereas the Australian variety has a unique aroma which is slightly camphorous that comes from its active ingredient, Terpinen-4-ol. Tea Tree essential oil is primarily noted for it’s broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal effects, and recent research shows that it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.  It has been used in treatment of acne, boils, candida infections, tinea, sore throats and other inflammatory infections.  The aroma is not particularly valued, however it can be blended with such essential oils as Lemongrass or Lemon Tea Tree, to improve the aroma.

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